So the other day I took my eldest daughter out for a photo walk. I had my big camera with me and she had my I-phone. We were in the nature reserve and she loved pottering around capturing images of the nature that surrounded us.... it got me thinking that these types of activities can add a bit of welcome variety to our days at the moment. So with this in mind, I’ve put together a little photography challenge for kids. There’s a mix of challenges so hopefully you can find one that your child might like! They can use phones, v tech cameras, or anything higher tech if the grown ups agree/ supervise! 

Also I’ll be running a little photography competition, whereby each child can submit up to four photos to me under any of the numbered challenges below. There will be two age groups - 6 and under... and 7 and over... I will select one winner per age group and they will get a lovely little prize as a well done for their fabulous creation! No pressure to take part, please just feel free to use the list as some inspiration for a creative activity with your kids if you prefer! Here's a run through of all the challenges -


For those little learners, it’s a great way to practice phonics with them. Starting from ‘a’ go and find and photograph something beginning with that letter, and then continue to work through the alphabet. Depending on age it's unlikely really little ones will get to the end, but my 4 year old loves being given the challenge and being allowed to use a camera! 

2) Toy Story

Take your favourite toy on an adventure! Try to think of all the things your toy could get upto in a day and try to capture as many of their adventures as you can! My little pony's, Harry Potter lego....the toy world is your oyster!

3) FIND THE Rainbow 

For this one, I would like you to find as much colour as possible. Brighter the better! There are three different challenges for this little project. Just pick your favourite! You can do one or all three! - 

  • Find a Rainbow - Go on the lookout for rainbows, there are lots everywhere at the moment, take a photograph or your favourite finds! 
  • Rainbow colour hunt - Starting at Red, find one item from each colour of the rainbow song! 
  • Pick your favourite colour and then see how many things you can find in your house to photograph in that colour.

4) Day in the life

What does your day look like? All of our days are a little different to normal at the moment, but sometimes it’s nice to think about the fun things we do in the day so we can keep it as a memory. Try to take photos of some of your favourite things to do in a day in lockdown..

5) People & pets

A portrait is a photograph of someone else. You could take one of someone from your family, or maybe you have a lovely pet who likes to have their photo taken! (we have a little fluffball rabbit called daisy, and I take a lot of photographs of her!)

6) Reflections and shadows

A personal favourite of mine! Shadows are a lot of fun to find, you get some shadows from the sun, or you can create your own with a nightlight or torch! Or you could look for reflections, they exist in lots of places, so keep those eyes peeled!

7) Close Up

Close up photographs are great for seeing those little things you might normally miss. So get down low and have a really good look at everything. Maybe it could be a little bug on a flower in your garden, or a close up of your favourite lego figure. 

8) Action Shot

You can have a lot of fun with this challenge. Maybe you have a trampoline that you can photograph someone jumping on, or maybe you have a dog that likes to run really fast! You'll have to be quick for this one to make sure you catch something moving!


There are lots of shapes everywhere you go, so take a bit of time to look around your house and see what types of shapes you can find. Maybe you could create some shapes yourself? Lines can be very interesting in photography, so go on a hunt to see if you can find lots of lines together anywhere. If you have any blinds in your house, sometimes the sun can make really good lines when it shines through into your rooms.

I would love to see some of the work that your children create! Please send any photographs over to by Friday May 22nd. Pop in the email which challenge the photo is for, and the name and age of your child. Winners will be announced on Sunday May 24th on my Facebook and IG pages (Claire Richardson Photography!) HAPPY SNAPPING everyone!