Personal Branding

I am constantly in awe of the awesome ideas people have when setting up their businesses. I have met so many entrepreneurs over the last few years, it has been honestly inspiring. I've also had the pleasure to work with lots of parents who are starting out, or building on existing businesses to run alongside family life. I really feel passionate about helping business owners capture images that are going to help them emotionally connect with their ideal clients.

My shoots are super relaxed, so even the most camera shy can chill out, and actually have a bit of fun. Also, as you might notice from my gallery, a few little people sometimes sneak in. Let’s be honest, a lot of small businesses especially, are often juggled around these little people, and are often the reason we do it. So if you would like to have your children involved in the shoot, if that’s a part of your brand story, then let’s do it, just shout when you first make contact!

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