A happy place

Cornwall for me is my happy place. Everyone is different, maybe you're drawn to the mountains, or the countryside, and whilst I love both of those, for me I'm more drawn to the sea. Looking out over that vast expanse of blue is just the most calming feeling, and I could literally stare at the crashing waves for hours. I used to go every year as a child as my Dad also seems to be drawn there the same way, so I'm hoping the same will be true for my two girls. It's the only holiday we do where we don't race around, we take everything at a much slower pace and see what each day brings. We spend quality time as a family, and get outside as much as we can. The older the girls get, the more we're able to do with them. Now our youngest is five, this year we managed a lovely long cliff top walk, and also did our first family paddle boarding outing on the sea. So each year we have new memories to add, and new experiences we've shared together. It's honestly the best.

Whilst we've been away, I've shared some images on my social media of the gorgeous flat we stayed in, and had a lot of interest from people asking me for more information on it (this is not an advert by the way, I wish I got paid to do things like that! ha!). So wanted to share the details for the company we booked through as I really believe about shouting about the good businesses we find. I also wanted to share the details of another company we've used previously, as both have been so lovely to deal with and have such gorgeous holiday properties to rent ... everything from cosy cottages, to stunning sea views. Especially when we're all re-considering these beautiful places we have so much closer to home, its nice to have a home from home to head to.

This year we stayed in a property from this company - https://orangeroofs.co.uk. They were super organised and everything Covid related was covered very efficiently.

This company we have used for many years now - https://www.cherishedcottages.co.uk. They have some gorgeous properties on their books, and they have always been super to deal with.

We really have some of the most gorgeous holiday destinations right on our door step, and whilst I'm a huge lover of exploring other countries, it's so nice having somewhere to go to where you just pack up the car with all your goodies, and head off for some down time closer to home. So happy holiday hunting for anybody still on the look out for a break this year, or maybe you're planning next years escape already!

Have added just a few holiday piccies from our trip below, some with camera, some with phone, any which way is all good by me!